There's a way to do it better ... find it

-Thomas Edison

Sembit was started with the fundamental belief that there has got to be a better way to build custom software.

A better experience for business owners and IT teams starts with developers who are customer-facing and speak business. End the communication nightmare and work directly with engineers who are writing the code. 100% US-based means faster response times and lots of experience with medium sized to Fortune 100 customers.

We don’t think that working with people we like is too much to ask, and neither should you. That’s why we hire likeable people.

Get better software by working with an exclusive group of developers using a process built on decades of experience. You bring your business expertise and we bring a team of senior, full-stack developers with an average of 10 years experience.

Meeting a list of requirements at launch is not enough, you should expect applications that are stable and stand the test of time. Nobody wins when a "solution" just creates a different set of problems or requires excessive maintenance. Let’s do it together and do it right.

Better results come from absorbing your business model so that we can build software that’s valuable to business stakeholders. We know that it’s possible to build a phenomenal piece of technology and still have failed you in the end. Understanding the nuances of your business helps us to stay relevant, work faster, and suggest ways to make it better.

You believe in something better as well, or you wouldn’t be considering custom software. When offered a choice between A or B, you decided that you wanted both. That’s what custom software is. It’s control. It’s choosing to create your own experience. It’s the belief that there is a better way.

Want to build something better? Speak with an expert and tell us where you want to go.

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