Make TriZetto Facets do more with custom integration

If information is the lifeblood of health plan providers, then TriZetto Facets is the beating heart. Like any vital organ, it needs unobstructed access to different parts of the system in order to do its job well. Custom integration allows Facets to do more by dovetailing its standard modules with the unique contours of your organization.

Accumulator Data Management
Exchanging Accumulator Data is complex, error prone and time consuming. Custom software can reduce the regulatory and legal risk associated with inaccuracies. We’ll give you the tools to gain visibility, make changes and monitor proactively.

Provider Data Management
Syncing and managing provider data is a challenge with high complexity and higher stakes. Integrating that information across all your systems gives you central visibility and control. Custom software means minimizing risk, reducing errors and building a system that scales with your growth.

Claim Refund Management
Dealing with overpayments to providers is inevitable and can be difficult to manage at scale. Custom software can reduce total outstanding collections and help your team process them in a timely manner.

Sales Workflow Automation
Your sales teams have a lot to do and a short window to do it in. Custom software can increase efficiency and compress sales cycles by building workflows through sales, processing and underwriting.

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