Better Business
Not Just Better Software

Business value comes from building the right software, not just building software right

We've had a 50% increase year over year in online donations. Our main goal was finding new donors, and the site has definitely been a success.

–Matt Perko, UCSB

Minutes Matter

In an industry where rounding up and estimation are commonplace, we track our time down to the minute so you get the most possible value from your budget

They have never disappointed us with their timeliness. Our urgencies have always been Sembit's urgencies.

–CEO, Kashi Labs

Great People
Get Great Results

We don’t think that competent and easy to work with are too much to ask

The guys at Sembit are amazing. They work and understand challenges quickly, their style is very collaborative, and they’re willing to offer up best practices.

–Sales Manager, Health Plan Provider


Sembit Life

Customers love what we’ve done when we love what we do. We believe that hiring the right people and making Sembit an awesome place to work is our most important job.