We are very comfortable in C#, ASP.NET MVC, and the Microsoft stack in general. We also write code in Go and Dart/Flutter. All of our staff are proficient in database work, writing complicated queries and making sure they run at a reasonable speed. We have experience on all the major relational databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, and MySQL/MariaDB. Most of our staff are very skilled at web UI technologies, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and frameworks such as Angular.

Internally, we use git for source control. Our developers use Windows, MacOS, and Linux, according to the project's needs.

We are happy to provide ongoing support whether it's in your datacenter or with major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

What we do:
Full-service web and mobile app development, which includes...
- iOS / Android apps
- Web apps
- Cloud backends (including setup)
- On-premises backends
- Integrations (SaaS, PaaS, custom)
- Databases
- App modernizations
What we DON'T do:
Basic ecommerce and simple web sites, such as...
- Wordpress, SquareSpace, or Wix sites
- Shopify or Magento sites
- Basic marketing web sites


By nature, custom software projects come in any form you can imagine. Here are some types of applications we've built:

Line of Business Apps

Many apps optimizing experience for employees and executives. Quickly find best route for quoting delivered products. Speed up sales order entry by a factor of ten. Manage subcontractor insurance requirements. Facilitate production capacity planning. Track lab samples and results. Track documents including attributes and annotations.

Mobile Apps for Startups

Created cross-platform mobile apps for online behavioral health, NFT marketplace, used goods marketplace, and medical sample collection.

App Modernization

Created modern web applications to replace MS Access apps, Excel spreadsheet "apps", PowerBuilder apps, Visual Basic apps, dBase apps, and other legacy systems. New systems streamlined workflow and increased scalability.


Produced and consumed web services for all sorts of purposes, including SOAP / REST / raw WCF / custom styles. Flat file import and export of XML, HL7 versions 2 and 3, XLSX, PDF, tab-delimited text, CSV, and more.

Payment Portals

Increased efficiency and improved PCI compliance by building a payment portal with tight backend integration. Improved customer experience by adding a self-service option to view and pay invoices.

Extranet Portals

Increased efficiency of remote work force through communication and content distribution web sites, with pricing tools / marketing tools / secure file sharing. SSO integration for internal users and standard credentials for external users.

DevOps Automation

Streamlined builds / deployments to multiple cloud environments, including coordination of database and web application updates across multiple servers for zero downtime during updates, and auditing for every deploy to every environment.

E-commerce Plugin

Created additional screens and functions around BigCommerce for custom materials fabrication and purchase.

Bluetooth LE

Connected to portable label printer for on-premise phlebotomists. Communicated with custom accelerometer for elevator performance diagnostics.

Hardware Integration

Communicated with DNA sequencing machines, custom printers, urinalysis machines, alarm systems, and custom hardware / firmware.

Reverse Engineering

Created data migration for legacy document management system with undocumented binary format for annotations. Recreated complex pricing logic from legacy ERP to enable fast price updates on custom E-Store. Decompiled Flash app where owner lost source code and then translated to Javascript.


Although we are not a dedicated security firm, cryptography, vulnerability testing, website security and PCI best practices are competencies we've built through necessity. Security by design is always stronger than patchwork remediations that are applied later.