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Technology is just a tool to serve what we consider to be most important. That's people. We started Sembit because we wanted to be the architect of our customers' and employees' experience. We want to do fulfilling work and to give our families the time and energy they deserve. We want to earn our customers' trust and a place on their speed dial.

We make our customers' lives better and they enjoy the process of getting there, so it's easy to feel proud of what we do.

Work Life

Our results-oriented environment allows us the freedom to work where we are most productive. Some of us prefer the office, some of us prefer to work from home. Life demands flexibility, so we hold each other accountable to progress instead of a rigid location and schedule.

We want to be the best, not the biggest. We love the transparency and soul of a small company and plan to keep it that way. Sembit generally favors the agility of small development teams but redundancy is built into all projects. This gives our customers faster response times and we get to leave the laptop at home when on vacation.


Sembit hires developers who understand how to make technology relevant to different audiences. We have to understand the business applications and data we interact with as well as the technologies that we use to create the solution.

Our team generally prefers autonomy over micromanagement and enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems. Communication is king! We can build the best technology in the world but it's how we interact with the customer that defines their experience and the overall usefulness of the product.


"The most important things to me are the culture, the flexibility and the cool atmosphere"


"I like working with people that I respect personally as well as professionally"


"It's refreshing to work for a company that's this ethical!"


"The things I like most about working at Sembit are that the team is really knowledgeable, and that I get to use and learn new technologies on a regular basis."



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